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Fall in Love Today

You just need a partner and 36 questions

A cool story came out recently in The New York Times about a writer who fell in love with someone while replicating a love study—click here to read the full tale.

"You’re probably wondering if he and I fell in love. Well, we did. Although it’s hard to credit the study entirely (it may have happened anyway), the study did give us a way into a relationship that feels deliberate. We spent weeks in the intimate space we created that night, waiting to see what it could become.

Love didn’t happen to us. We’re in love because we each made the choice to be."

What did they do? Answer 36 questions together. The idea is that mutual vulnerability fosters closeness, and these questions force askers and answerers to be vulnerable. 

Click here for the full list of questions.

Making the choice to be in love comes from that vulnerability.

Image: Some rights reserved by Nattu


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