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7 Ways You're Approaching Happiness Wrong

Plus the right ways to get there!

There's a terrific article on LinkedIn called 7 Poisonous Beliefs that Make You Desperately Unhappy. Here, the beliefs and a brief summary, make sure you click over to the full article!

7 Poisonous Beliefs:

You believe professional success will bring lasting fulfillment.

Fulfillment comes from achieving something and knowing it will carry on: Raising great kids, being a part of a supportive extended family, knowing you have helped others and changed their lives for the better...

You believe simply joining will create a sense of belonging.

Pick a group you want to belong to and do the work necessary to earn respect and trust.

A true sense of belonging gives you confidence, especially during tough times, and provides a sense of security and well-being even when you're by yourself -- because when you truly belong, you never feel alone.

You believe you can do everything.

What you achieve isn’t nearly as important as achieving something. Pick a goal you’re suited for and go after it.

Doing something -- doing anything -- that most other people cannot or will not do will make you prouder, more fulfilled, and a lot happier.

You’re afraid of who you really are.

Either way, remember that while the only person who really cares how you look is you, many people care about the things you do.

Looking good is fun. Doing good makes you happy.

You have no one to call at 3 a.m.

Most of us wear armor that protects us from insecurity. That armor also makes us lonely, and it’s impossible to be happy when you’re lonely.

Take off your armor and make some real friends. It’s easier than it sounds, because other people long to make real friends too. Don’t worry; they’ll like the real you. And you’ll like the real them.

You believe structure is the same as control.

Decide what you really want to do and go after it. You'll feel a real sense of control because you really care.

You believe you no longer need to fail.

Most of us do everything we can to avoid failure. That's a natural instinct with an unnatural by-product: we start to lose the ability to question our decisions.

... Failure isn't defeating. Failure is motivating.

Image: Some rights reserved by Salim Fadhley


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