10 Things to Get Rid Of If You Want to Be Happy (Plus 10 Things to Get!)

Happiness is just ten things away

You Gotta Get Rid Of … to be happy:

  1. clothes you haven’t worn in a year
  2. kitchen gadgets you haven’t used in a year
  3. old food in the refrigerator
  4. any item that makes you feel guilty—unused 3-lb dumbbells, bulk protein powder, crochet needles you haven’t learned how to use
  5. uncomfortable shoes
  6. tchotchkes with dust on them … if you haven’t picked them up and savored the memory in long enough for dust to accumulate, you don’t need the physical reminder
  7. hobbies you do for someone else (think a book club you feel obligated to stay in)
  8. money or time: donate to others
  9. the sleep button on your alarm
  10. friendships that don’t work for you anymore

You Gotta Get … to be happy:

  1. your favorite articles of clothing
  2. healthy food
  3. a yoga mat
  4. nice sheets or great pillows
  5. a pamperping treat: massage, mani/pedi (dudes too)
  6. photos, and enough storage online to hold them
  7. hobbies you love
  8. a cause you feel passionate about
  9. a morning ritual
  10. real, solid friendships

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