10 Things to Remember When Life is Horrible

Hey, life isn’t always easy, and here’s what you need to remember when it isn’t…

1. It ends. Life ends; the horrible thing ends. That is the bad news and the good news.

2. Emotional pain is real because it feels so real. But it can be not real too. And “not real” is more true than “feels so real.” Go with truth.

3. You get to pick your thoughts. You may have forgotten that, or you may have to re-train your thoughts, but the bottom line is that you control your own mind.

4. It is okay to cry and be a victim. It is okay to hate the world and everyone in it. And then it is okay to smile. And laugh. And hug someone. Even. if. they. don’t. deserve. it.

5. Nobody deserves anything. Nobody deserves anything bad, nobody deserves anything good.

6. Deserving is just a word. You can banish it from existence. You can do that with words because they are just words, they are not real. You can pick. See #3.

7. Telling lies is never worth it. Try not to lie. Especially to yourself.

8. Putting on a good face is just fine, it helps when life sucks. Putting on a good face is one way of picking. See #3 again.

9. Hiding behind a fake face is not fine. It just keeps you deep in the suck zone. It keeps you from remembering #3.

10. It is okay to remember or not remember these 10 things. That is the bad news and the good news.


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