10 Ways to Be Unhappy

Seriously, here’s exactly how to get unhappy

Sure, DailyHap.com is about how to be happy. But sometimes, we have to step back and think about why we are all UNhappy. Here are 10 ways to be unhappy.

1. Be afraid
Instead, be fearless.

2. Be inactive
Instead, take action.

3. Be complacent
Instead, strive for better.

4. Eat your feelings
Instead, nourish your body and soul.

5. Let the little stuff worry you
Instead, go with the flow.

6. Let the little stuff turn into big stuff
Instead, take care of important details.

7. Feel insecure
Instead, remember that your opinion of yourself matters most.

8. Be grouchy
Instead, SLEEP.

9. Feel lost
Instead, endeavor to find yourself.

10. Criticize
Instead, be kind to yourself and others.

Inspired by this post.

Image: D Sharon Pruitt, Some rights reservedPink Sherbet Photography

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