36 Wacky Alternatives to Barhopping

Make this Weekend a Night to Remember and Wake Up Feeling Great

For many twenty and thirty year olds, barhopping is the go-to activity for Friday and Saturday nights. Young people spend a huge amount of time socializing around alcohol. While there is nothing morally wrong or even unhealthy about moderate consumption of alcohol—in fact a recent study found that young people associate drinking and partying as the second most pleasurable activity (behind sex)—it is worth considering the following alternatives for unique twist on your typical weekend night.

  1. Go see live music

  2. Go to a comedy club

  3. Pull pranks (think of things you might have done in middle school, and see how fun it is to do them as an adult)

  4. Mini-golf

  5. Laser tag

  6. Go camping

  7. Read a book

  8. Attend a spiritual retreat

  9. Get a friend to teach you a new skill

  10. Do yoga, or acro-yoga

  11. See a play

  12. Write a play

  13. Go to the symphony

  14. Go to an aerial dance show

  15. Dance—try something new like Ecstatic dance or Contact Improv

  16. Find a Hot Tub

  17. See a movie

  18. Make a movie

  19. Play a board game (Try new favorites for adults like Settlers of Catan, Puerto Rico, and Imperial 2030)

  20. Play Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity

  21. Play cards

  22. Organize a Poker Night

  23. Go to museums

  24. Buy paints, make art

  25. Cook a six course meal

  26. Host a dinner party

  27. Build a bonfire

  28. Find a beach

  29. Play truth or dare

  30. Find a swimming hole

  31. Impromptu road trip!

  32. Play social video games

  33. Build something out of wood

  34. Play capture the flag, dodgeball, kickball, or ghost in the graveyard

  35. Play a sport such as sand volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee (try a light up frisbee with glowsticks), mud football, or go rock climbing (in a gym or outside with lights)

  36. Create a photo scavenger hunt

The options are endless; you can refer to this list to spark ideas, search for local events calendars, or check out the posters at a coffee shop for the weird, avant-garde, and underground.

And if you are going to stick with the basics try adding a little spice by getting a group of friends to wear something wacky or pick a completely random theme (bathrobes, superhero costumes, cowboys, etc). Then, let us know how it goes! Did it increase your happiness compared to other nights? We imagine it will.

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