5 Expert Ways to Make Great Decisions

From Sumarai to SEAL, what principles you need to apply to your decisions

Time.com recently published an article titled “The #1 Secret Astronauts, Samurai, Navy SEALs, and Psychopaths Can Teach You About Good Decision Making” (click here, it’s a fun full read).

We’re going to Cliff’s Notes it for you: arousal control allows you to make good decisions. Here’s how you can control your response to situations that require a decision:

Astronauts: Familiarity breeds confidence. Training is in place to prevent panic. Trust the system.

Samurai: Consider the worst-case scenario. For samurai, this means considering death as a real possibility. For you, this could mean failure or rejection.

Navy SEALs: Control your breathing. According to the article, research shows meditation breathing can make you courageous, increase attention span, and boost happiness.

Psychopaths: Psychopaths are overly rational, but when empathy is added, rational thinking creates good decisions. 

The final key? Use the outside perspective: “What advice would I give my best friend in this situation?“

These five steps will help you in decision making—try implementing them and let us know in the comments if something works or doesn’t!

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