7 Supplements To Improve Quality of Life

Better Living, Guaranteed.

We recently saw a post entitled “7 Supplements To Improve Quality of Life,” but wanted to expand beyond just vitamins. Try this list instead for greater gains in quality of life.

1. Meditation

You’ve heard it from us before, and you’ll hear it again. Meditation is the probably the most potent transformational technique ever devised by humans, and it has about 5,000 years of cross-cultural research backing it up. Vetted even by materialist American scientists in the twenty-first century, some call meditation the “Secret Happy Pill” because it is so universally effective when consistently engaged, and others call it “The Brain’s Pushup” because the effects continue to grow the more one does it.

2. Conscious Eating

The specific details of any one diet or set of supplements are extremely controversial, but almost everyone agrees on the importance of diet in health and happiness. So regardless of whether you go paleo, vegan, vegetarian, free range, pescatarian, adkins, China, Mediterranean, or even Subway, make conscious choices about your food habits and you will notice the difference. It can even be cheap.

3. Outdoor running / biking / swimming

The value of exercise for quality of life is undisputed. Why not combine the value of being out in nature with an exercise routine? Biking around town is a great way to kill three birds with one stone (nature, exercise, transportation), but you might prefer trail running. If these activities are hard on the joints or you’re recovering from an injury, consider swimming instead. Look for a natural body of water instead of a lap for higher quality of life.

4. Therapy or Coaching

Therapy is not just for crazy people; of course it never has been—but fortunately the societal stigma has changed. Everyone has places they can grow, removing more blocks to the awareness of love in their life. If examining the past to heal seems too scary, try coaching, which focused on honing your strengths to meet your highest potential. Both will lead to high quality of life, and can be used in conjunction.

5. Journaling

Nearly all of our biggest role models had some sort of journaling or writing practice, and it is often through these that we learn, posthumously, about their deepest challenges and how they overcame them. Authors of university studies have recently joined the ranks of self-help supporters advocating for regular journaling, particularly of intense emotions.

6. Community Engagement and Service

As much as we Americans love to be independent, humans are undeniably social creatures. The tighter our social bonds and deeper our relationships, the higher our quality of life. While we contend the popular idea that “connection is the purpose of life,” being a strong and engaged part of community is an essential ingredient to the good life.

7. Reading Fiction and Non-Fiction

Speak to anyone who lives a happy life long enough and you’ll discover that they love to learn. Continuing to open your mind through books, both learning on the non-fiction side, and enjoying on the fiction side, provides a sense of wonder and accomplishment. Both offer different ways to expand your perspective, so try to always incorporate both in your life. And next time you find yourself drawn to your screen for a movie or TV show, consider a book instead.

Bonus points to any reader who noticed that these seven “supplements” have attempted to address the four essential perspectives on happiness while also touching on the body, mind, emotions, and the soul. Here’s to improving everyone’s quality of life!

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