We Believe in Change

DailyHap.com is transitioning…

To the Happiest People in the Whole World,
At DailyHap, we believe in change—in fact, we’re built on the confidence that you can and will changeChange can lead to greater happiness, and in that light, we are changing. We are a little sad to transition from the old, but pretty happy to change to a new way of being.
DailyHap.com is creating a new model for our mission of helping people achieve happiness. Beginning March 1, 2015, DailyHap.com will become a resource site, functioning as a stable, searchable site for people to access any of our 800+ Haps and Articles on achieving happiness.
Articles and Haps will still be categorized in our Psych, Body, Spiritual, and Style categories. Site visitors will be able to create their own program, choosing a Daily Hap and accompanying article that fits their need for the day. Repeating Haps and re-reading articles is encouraged. After all repetition and habit are keys to change.
We hope you will still come visit us for your daily dose of happiness!

Thank you,
Lyssa and Cindy
Co-founders, DailyHap.com

We believe this still aligns with our mission, which is stated below:


DailyHap.com is a website designed to create a community of happy people and encourage people to openly, genuinely pursue happiness. It will guide people to Achieving Happiness 1 Day at a Time.

Empowering people to be happy is achieved through a daily action item (“do this task”) with links to related articles and reasoning for the task. You complete the action item and get different points for how it’s verified: based on integrity, a photo, a check-in, and so on. There are four areas of happiness–Body, Psych(ology), Style, and Belief. You try to “level up” your happiness by completing each day’s action items.

A note: What is happiness? As an individual’s own definition of happiness varies, DailyHap measures happiness in terms of small actions that lead to happiness. The nature of you, the user, choosing which tasks to complete and which to skip allows the site to measure your own progress on your own definition of happiness. As happiness changes, ebbs, and flows, the site will always be relevant to you as your needs change.

**You can also just read the site for the awesome articles, submit a hap when you feel like it, and make no commitment.

DailyHap Team

Lyssa Myska Allen, founder, Boss (Badass of Site & Strategy)

Lyssa started her career in print journalism with the Modern Luxury family, transitioned to online media with STRATFOR global intelligence firm, then successfully launched both AustinPost.org as the not-for-profit endeavor for Trilogy, and EndlessBeauty.com as part of 365 Plus Media. After a 3-year stint as digital director at Emmis Publishing’s Orange Coast magazine, she took a corporate gig running digital strategy for a global company, then transitioned to their IT department where she toils today.

Cindy Myska, co-founder, Mom, Managing Director

Taught Lyssa everything she knows.