All the Advices from All the Internets

How to start the new year off right—according to everyone else

Why write what has already been written? A reading list culled from the collective wisdom(?!) of the internets for first-of-the-year inspirations and reality checks, sorted by personality (stereo)type. Choose your own adventure (we’re a mix of them all, don’t worry).

Athlete: 100 Laws of Muscle

Parent: A Year’s Worth of Fatherly Advice

Hippie: Deepak Chopra’s Four Intentions in four steps

Sap: 12 Rituals to Do in 12 Days for Love & Prosperity (whoops, we’re late on this one)

Nerd: The Top 10 Insights from the “Science of a Meaningful Life” in 2014

JustNeedzLOLz: 9 Pets Who are Totally Keeping Their New Year’s Resolutions

Image: Reddit: SoIDontGetFired

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