Already Given Up on Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Try the Patricia Albere Process Instead

We are only a few weeks into the new year and if you’re like most, your New Year’s Resolutions are probably already looking dusty and untouched. Realizing this, most of us will either heaping on more guilt and pressure to do more of what we have already failed to do, or we will give up (and rationalize it).

Wait! There are other alternatives. Today we encourage you to try out Patricia Albere’s process from the Evolutionary Collective.

In it she encourages us to gently go through key areas of our life, appreciating what we have done in the past year, forgiving our mistakes, and looking at what we need to learn.

Then we let new ideas for 2015 emerge, not as goals, but as guides to help us in making different decisions in service of our unfolding.

Check out the process, and let us know what you think:

“Look at the following areas of life and write down what has manifested in this past year. There’s no need to look at everything, the notes that go along with each category are just there to help you pay attention to what you might not have considered. There’s no need to even look at each category–just what feels important.

Take each area and appreciate how you have approached each area of life – what you have done or made yourself available for and also what has been given through others and through life to you. Also consider anything you need to learn from, forgive yourself for and integrate for the future. 

Once you have completed 2014, sit, meditate and hold it all and the mystery of your own existence and let the various memories and energies move through you until you are returned to stillness and silence.

Then at another sitting, begin to open yourself to 2015. Sit first, opening yourself up to listening for and feeling into the liminal – the space before manifestation, where the forces and visions of the future already exist.

Write what comes and then begin to focus on the list and see what else arises and write it down. It’s not a plan – they aren’t really goals – just see what is there.  More than that we can’t really do through an email. But I promise that just doing this process will invite and open you to more of what existence is already inviting you into. 


RELATIONSHIP WITH SELF: Self-image, sense of identity, self-esteem, emotional wellbeing, personal integrity, personal power, responsibility, energy level, etc. 

RELATIONSHIP WITH OTHERS:  Capacity for relatedness, intensity, intimacy, transparency, love, care, commitment, mutual respect, empathy, psychic ability, mutual support, quality of relationships with family, friends, lovers, spouses, children, etc. 

RELATIONSHIPS TO GROUPS: Membership and participation in social, professional, community, religious, spiritual groups.  Capacity for collective awakening and accessing higher states of consciousness, intelligence, cooperation and creativity.

WORK, CAREER AND CREATIVITY: Job accomplishments, career vision, creative projects, creative expression, etc. 

SEXUALITY: Inner freedom, levels of intimacy, depth and new experiences & possibilities

SPIRITUALITY/RELIGION: Consciousness, spiritual growth, relationship with God/Higher Power, religious learning, meditation or spiritual practices, soul qualities, transcendent experiences, etc.

HEALTH, WELL-BEING, PRESENTATION:  Physical health and vitality, energy level, sleep, light body, appearance, exercise.

EDUCATION: Gaining competence and skill in particular areas, languages, computers, writing, art, music, finances, real estate, etc.

PLEASURE, ENTERTAINMENT AND VACATIONS: Recreation, museums, opera, plays, shows, concerts, vacations, travel, weekends away, restaurants, parties, hobbies, culture, dancing, etc.

HOME AND POSSESSIONS: How and where you would like to live that is fully aligned with growth and contribution.

FINANCES: Financial viability, savings, investments, income, credit worthiness, attitude about money, charities, net worth, tithing, generosity, healing, etc.

CONTRIBUTION: Relationship to society, environment, government, world peace, hunger, neighborhood, etc.”


Image: Some rights reserved by Vinoth Chandar

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