An Open Letter of Apology to Fill-in-the-Blank

Who do you owe an apology?

In LA Finfinger’s Open Letter to Bikram Yoga, the power yoga teacher writes:

Bikram Yogis – please accept my apologies. You are teaching me something invaluable. I never thought that I would comfortably (let alone – enjoyably) practice yoga in a public room full of mirrors in shorty-shorts and a sports bra. Yet, that’s exactly what I did this morning while a super-fit blonde badass said “I’d rather see you love who you see in the mirror staring back at you then nail standing bow.”

Which we love, and which got us thinking: is there something you owe an open letter of apology? Have you been judging golf/long-haired dudes/meditation/ditching gluten? Is there something you need to try before you continue to have an opinion about it? Today’s the day to ‘fess up.

Image: some right reserved by Marina Caprara

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