Are You Unconsciously Hiding Yourself from the World?

The Transformative Power of Coming Out of the Closet

I just had a great conversation with a friend of mine who recently came out. He believes that everyone is “in the closet” about something. We are all hiding a part of ourselves from the world for fear of being alienated, outcast, and generally unloved.

Although he was extremely afraid of coming out, his actual experience was the complete opposite. While it was a challenge and he still faces some painful consequences, he was consistently shocked at how much people cared about him. 

Conservative friends who he never dreamed would accept him were some of the most helpful and supportive on his journey. He came to realize that the pain of hiding who he was to the world for decades of his life was far greater than the pain of vulnerability.

So, what are you hiding in your closet?

What feels vulnerable to share with people you love and respect? What is something about you that you are scared to show the world? That you are ashamed of? Perhaps you will be surprised to find that it is something beautiful, not shameful.

Perhaps you will find that opening to others about it will not push them away, but actually draw you closer.

Perhaps in coming out, something will transform in your relationship to yourself.

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