Beyonce Meditates.

And 25 other celebrities who meditate too!

Beyonce meditates, so you should too. 25 other celebrities who meditate:



Tina Turner

Eva Mendes

Angelina Jolie

Arnold Schwarzenagger

Sheryl Crow

Giselle Bundchen

Richard Gere

Demi Moore

Russell Simmons

Katy Perry

Russell Brand

Hugh Jackman

Dr. Oz

Paul McCartney

Orlando Bloom


Ringo Starr

Jennifer Aniston

Miranda Kerr

Halle Berry

Stevie Wonder

Lena Dunham

Barbara Walters

For how to meditate—thanks #DHmeditationweek—check out these articles:

1. An Introduction to Meditation

2. A Six-Minute Video Guided Meditation

3. A Body Scan (written guided meditation)

Image: Some rights reserved by Caroline Delaney

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