Bod Squad: You Can Have a Model Body

If that’s what will make you happy

If looking like a model will make you happy, you can do it, says high fashion model turned personal trainer James Collins. After whipping himself and his fellow models into shape, he expanded his business (Sculpt Training) and now trains models featured in the likes of Vogue, GQ, and Victoria’s Secret.

“There’s no big secret to looking like a model,” says Collins. “The biggest misconception about models and their diets is that models don’t eat. Everyone I speak to says that we mustn’t eat to have bodies like this. But it’s just not true, I know some girls who stuff their faces. They just work very hard in the gym and eat the right foods. Male models actually have to eat a lot of food so that they can put on muscle and have these bodies you see. There’s no big secret. It’s like any walk of life, you work hard at something you’ll get results.”

What about when we don’t feel like working hard? Collins admits, “That’s a tough one; it really comes from within you. You have to want it.” He suggests: “think about how you’ll feel after the workout and how you’ll enjoy seeing the results in the mirror. Or think about your health, and how we all need to look after ourselves.” For models who get paid to look a certain way, he says simply: “If I don’t workout I don’t live.” But you can use that too: if you don’t stay fit, you won’t live, either.

For motivation, he suggests mixing in mini workouts if you’re feeling like you need to up the fun factor. “Mini workouts are great!” Collins says, “They are often better than many workouts I see people doing in the gym. It has to be very intense though! Put all you have into that 10-15 mins. Usually circuits are best.”

No matter what your aesthetic or fitness goals—be it to look like a model or not—we could all use a little endorphin and mood-boost from exercising and eating healthy! 



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