Celebrate Your Personal Independence and Freedom Today

Let go of the things dragging us down

Hey, DailyHap people: It’s time to let go of the things that are dragging us down.

I’m celebrating my independence from body image issues today.

I’ve been on a journey, frequently chronicled on DailyHap, toward body confidence. It’s crazy how many ways this THING manifests itself. Hamstring, having it all, abs. I have a lot of body confidence, but at the same, there was always a caveat. I’m certain I’m not alone in this paradox of being both confident and insecure at the same time.

In March, I wrote about this on my blog in a post titled “abzzzzzz:

Could my abs be flatter, me be skinnier/trimmer/tighter/toned-er? Of course.

But do they look great?


And do I get to feel good, work hard, play hard, while looking great? Yep. I’m giving up this particular pursuit of perfection—that skinny abs are somehow a symbol of a better life. Life would not be any “better” if I had a skinnier set of abs. It might be worse—no wine?!—but I wouldn’t be happier, or healthier, or more successful. I’d just have skinnier abs.

This post was the catalyst—since then, I’ve experienced four months of freedom from body image woes. It’s not all better, but it’s all better.

So this independence day, I’m celebrating my freedom from worry about body. 


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