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Developing Your Intuition – Part 3

by Jayne Clark, who works intuitively with clients to help them resolve issues regarding relationships, loss, grief, health, and career path. To learn more, head to

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Have you ever been in those situations where you needed a fast “yes” or “no” answer? I’m talking about those moments when you are out in public, at work or driving in your car and you need a “yes” or “no” answer. You don’t have time to close your eyes, meditate, or call a friend but you still need that divine assistance to help you make a quick decision.

This week’s exercise is perfect for those situations.

Find a wall or a surface that is smooth and blank. This area needs to be free of anything distracting like textures, colors, or art work.

Now think of a question that you would like to have a “yes” or “no” answer to. Start with something simple like, “Do I want to go out this weekend?” Or, “Do I want to lay low and just chill?”

Other possible questions you may want to start with are, “Do I want to host my family for the holidays? Do I want to take a vacation over the holidays? Is now the time to make those minor repairs to my vehicle? Is it time for me to increase my exercise program? Does my body want more sleep?”

As mundane and simple as these questions are, they will serve you very well in helping you become acquainted with the process. It is so important that you start with questions that are not emotionally charged. Sticking with simple questions at first can help establish a solid foundation for working with your intuition.

Now that you have asked and directed your question to the empty space on the wall, allow yourself to “see” the answer. You will actually see a “yes” or a “no”. The key is to let it show you.

It’s like watching television. When you watch television you are in the position of an observer. You are letting the program or movie reveal itself to you. You are not forcing anything or trying to make something happen. You are simply open to seeing and watching the televised program.

As you practice, you will get more and more sophisticated with your and questions. You will also become faster and more skilled in getting a quick and accurate answer when you are on the go.

This is one of my most favorite methods to receiving information and guidance. I often use other blank surfaces like clouds, lamp shades, Styrofoam cups, you name it. If it’s blank, I will use it. And it doesn’t matter to me what the issue is, if I am in question about it, I use this method.

I will share a little personal mundane story with you.

Last week, I had to replace the battery in my vehicle. The service man offered me a two year, three year, and five year battery. All of this in mind, I know that I will most likely be trading in my vehicle in the next year or two for a new one. Therefore, I quickly ruled out the five year battery.

In that moment, I still wasn’t clear on which one to purchase so I found a place on the concrete and set my intention for it to show me – the two year or three year. In my mind I asked, “2 year?” No. “3 year?” Yes. I trusted and went with it.

These exercises that I have shared with you up to this point can really serve in a powerful way. They work because of our attitude, consciousness and intention towards them.

The inner wisdom that resides within us all is so loving and kind. It truly awaits our attention and openness to it. When we do that, it unites with us in such a beautiful way. Cultivating our intuition is truly the most meaningful relationship that we will ever forge.

Image: Some rights reserved by Orin Zebest

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