Complaining? Kick a Bad Mood, Day, or Month With One Simple Thing


Get instantly happier by doing one thing: MOVING!

If you find yourself complaining to a friend or even just in your own head about everything that’s wrong in your life, or that went wrong today specifically, just move. Go for a walk, run, yoga class. 

When she was in college, DailyHap’s co-founder Lyssa would come home in a grouchy mood and her roommate would take one look at her and say, “Go to the gym.” She’d go, then return to their dorm and the two girls could catch up, chat, and dish about their days.

When she’s feeling particularly blah, DailyHap’s co-founder Cindy grabs her yoga mat and heads to Bikram yoga, where she can’t ever quite get that “quiet mind” thing, but she always gets a small dose of peace.

When he’s frustrated or sad, DailyHap writer Jordan goes rock climbing, leaving behind the puzzles of his life and solving the challenging “puzzles” in a climb. After, he’s refreshed.

Bottom line: any activity is soothing for the soul, it can take you out of a mood, tizzy, or funk. Get active today!

Image: Some rights reserved by CherryPoint

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