Could You Forgive Your Wife’s Murderer?

This man did, and here’s how

Could you forgive your wife’s murderer? Psychologist Richard Gayton did, and will speak on stage at a conference with Michele Molina, who served 27 years in prison for the murder of Gayton’s wife, in August. Read a note from both him and her here.

“I was instructed to forgive the two people and, in time did so, feeling an immediate return of peace to a life of nightmarish chaos. This act of forgiveness is considered remarkable by some, neurotic by a few, and bitterly opposed by many others, including some friends and family. They felt I was not honoring my wife and instead condoning a horrendous act of violence.

As I let go of vengeance, I also gave up my demand for the death penalty. “

Take some time to think over the situation: are you impressed, disgusted, confused, surprised? What do the emotions this case bring up in you, and what does that mean for your own ability to forgive? 

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