Disease reversal through food: TABOO?

Why do we get sick, and how does food affect us?

By Brian Johnson and Christopher VanBerg of CorpFIT. CorpFIT’s goal is to integrate Western and Eastern medicine practices because they both have their place in complete wellness.

We get sick, or disease comes into play when we have a breakdown in our immune system (defense system). This could be from a number of factors, but here are a few examples: heavy metal toxicity (not the music, so rock on metal lovers), environmental toxins, and “leaky gut” syndrome.

Science proves that (1)vitamins, (2)minerals and (3)enzymes play a vital role in our health. Phytochemicals are the 4th, seldom-mentioned, nutritional classification. Every one of the four is found in foods. Phytochemicals, though, are not easy to obtain (seeds, skins, rinds, leaves, and also the stump-end of a pineapple).  

In many ways, phytochemicals are the real key to a COMPLETE nutrition program. They have anti-aging, anti-disease, antifungal, and antiviral properties. They are capable of fighting against cancer, AIDS, regenerating lost organ function, and rejuvenating the skin to have a more youthful appearance. All that with no toxicity effect!

What we have been led to believe is that medicine cures and treats our illnesses. In the process, we have been turned away from the amazing immune system God has created in each one of us. Nature has provided us with nutritionally dense foods: foods that grow on trees, vines, under the ground, and 14,000 feet in the Peruvian Mountains.  

Our bodies were not born with medicines in them. It seems only logical that we can cleanse, balance, and build our bodies through nutrition (one of the foundations for wellness) and supplementation (to be used in conjunction with nutrition, not as a substitute). Our immune system is capable of combating anything put in its path if it is tuned up and in optimal operating condition.  

I (Brian) have not been to the doctor since I was 13.  I will be 35 in November. We are not negating the importance of check-ups, routine blood work, and physicals—we advocate physicals and blood work to see where you are deficient.  We believe that if you take care of yourself, your body will in turn take care of you.

Utilizing food to combat disease and illness

1) CLEANSE and purify the blood (stagnant blood is a breeding ground for disease). The following can be used in your daily diet and blending for good results:

  • Beets: lower homocysteine levels due to Betaine content
  • Garlic: antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-aging
  • Coconut: antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-aging
  • Burdock Root: blood purifier
  • Wild liquid Reishi Mushroom: great for the heart and vascular system; the most potent medicinal mushroom, known as the “Mushroom of Mortality”
  • Red Peppers (capsicum): circulates the blood (important).
  • Celery: has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years; contains “Pthalides” that relax the muscles around the arteries to allow more blood flow; protocol to drop blood pressure calls for 6 stalks per day
  • Apples: (just random but awesome info) contain cyanide in the seeds (kills cancer cells), have large amounts of Pectin (fruit based fiber that produces BGBM), promotes regularity, Contains SOD (superoxide dismutase) which is a phase II enzyme (for more on phase II enzymes, read our “Juicing vs Blending” post).  They contain over 300 different elements and even contains its own enzymes to break itself down! How crazy is that?! The old saying “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away” holds a lot of truth.

*Garlic and coconut are 2 things on earth that are Anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-aging. They have no toxic effects other than smelling heavily of Garlic which may result in you being single or capitalizing on your “Me Time” a little more =)
*use coconut oil to cook with over other oils, it is saturated fat so when it is heated it does not turn rancid or unusable and toxic to the body.

2) BALANCE THE HORMONES (endocrine system) and BALANCE the GUT Flora (good 85% and 15% bad bacteria) Consider using these to assist hormone and flora levels:

  • alkaline vs. acidic PH: fruits, veggies, and alkaline restructured water
  • Maca Root: grows 14,000 feet up in the Peruvian Mountains—the highest of anything we eat; arguably the most potent endocrine or hormone modulator for menopause (female) and andropause (men). Maca is noted to increase sperm count 180-300% in males; so guys, you have been warned!
  • Ginseng: great for the Adrenals (Chronic Fatigue)
  • Pumpkin seeds; highest in Zinc (sex hormones); great for osteoporosis
  • Black Sesame Seeds: high in Iron, Silica (bone, hair, skin, and nails) and high in phytosterols
  • Goji berries: secretagogue-enhances GROWTH HORMONE (anti-aging) production and has high amounts of Arginine (vasodilatation), 8oz of Goji berries has more Beta-carotene than 25 lbs of carrots and contains 18 essential aminos (complete protein) and 21 trace minerals—truly awesome super fruit! We use Ron Teagardens “Heaven Mountain” gojis
  • Fermented vegetables: have trillions of probiotics per mouthful. Very cost effective $4-6.
  • Probiotics: Good Belly-Big Shots™ are what we use here at CorpFit, and have had stellar results and feedback on the BHBM’s (Big Huge Bowel Movement) from our clients =).  This is crucial when you are front loading great nutrients you HAVE to make sure the exit strategy or “dumping” portion of all the waste is just as efficient, if not more, otherwise, you will induce a healing crisis.  
    A healing crisis happens when all the good nutrients have killed a lot of the bad toxins in the body, and toxins from the dead bacteria, virus, or invaders are overwhelming for the system (body). The body can shut down, or go into a healing crisis. Typically, humans have anywhere from 9-21 lbs of undigested food matter in our intestines (this is a major reason why we use liquid supplementation). We should be going 2-5 times per day (bowel movements=BMs moving forward). We should be urinating 10-15 times/day. 1BM a day is cutting it close. If you are under that amount, we need to talk so we can help you out.
  • Supplement with a liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement. We use Genesis Pure™.  Brian even gives it to his 5 year old, and his parents, because Genesis Pure™ is the best for Cleansing, Balancing, and Building that we have come across.  Because it is liquid, it has great bioavailability (absorption). Trace minerals, enzymes, and vitamins are found in high amounts in organic fruits, super fruits, and veggies as well.

NO F.E.A.R. = Failure. Expected. And. Received—Live with no F.E.A.R.

We at CorpFIT believe that if you don’t make time for your wellness, you WILL make time for your illness.

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” –Hippocrates

Copyright © CorpFIT 2012

Image: Some rights reserved by woodleywonderworks

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