Do This for Your Happiest Work Day Yet

It’s as easy as …

Inspired by this recent Fast Company article, we couldn’t help but notice that much of what successful people do with the first hour of their work day resonates with so many other things we do for happiness: exercise, meditation, or tackling a looming task first. But perhaps the most actionable piece of this advice is this: to have a happy work day, don’t check your email for the first hour.


What this allows you to do is sneak in time for those happy-making activities (meditation!) and conquer a big task or challenge early in the day, which gives you satisfaction and confidence as you tackle the rest of your work day. It’s a huge win-win.

Worried about “urgent” matters? If it’s important, the person who needs you will likely call or text as well as send an email. You can also let people know that this is your new system, and anything non-urgent needs to wait until 10am (if you start work at 9am). 

Swear off email for the first hour of every morning. Try this fresh start to your work day for just one day, week, or month, and see what positive changes result! 

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