Do You Need More DHEA to Be Happy?

Fight depression and low energy with this supplement

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone) counterbalances the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol. It is a building block for hormones in the body, and we gradually make more and more until we reach 25, at which point our production starts to decrease—part of the reason aging begins to take a toll on our energy levels. DHEA helps to improve mood, motivation, and feelings of well-being, and studies show that supplementation can restore some of DHEA’s happiness benefits!

A National Institute of Mental Health study showed that middle-aged study participants’ DHEA levels tested in association to measures of mood and depression show a correlation—and supplementation improved 7 symptoms in particular: low energy, low motivation, lack of pleasure, sadness, excessive worrying, emotional numbness, and inability to cope. When DHEA supplementation was stopped, these symptoms of depression came back.

Similarly, a UCSF Medical School study showed that DHEA doses bringing patients’ DHEA levels up to the levels they had when they were 20-30 years old—to regain “youthful” levels—improved half of the study participants’ mood scores by more than 30%.

Some medical research shows that much of the body’s DHEA is metabolized into other hormones, and the skin is where we use much of the DHEA we make, which makes a DHEA cream preferable to a pill. However, there are effective DHEA pill supplements as well. If you’re feeling down, the winter blues, or just low energy, you might try a DHEA supplement!

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