Eco-Advice Upgrade:

Top 10 Ways to Update the Green Things You Already Do

When you go green, you get happier! Not only do you feel good about helping the environment, but you get the mood-boosting benefit of a sense of accomplishment when you implement a few of these simple uprades to your already green routine. As a bonus, you’ll surely be happy about the money you’ll save by going green!

Top 10 Green Updates

  1. Recycle … and BUY recycled products.
  2. Turn off your electronics when not in use … and unplug them.
  3. Walk or bike instead of driving … and check your tire pressure to conserve gas when you do drive.
  4. Reuse paper you’ve printed for scraps and notes … and digitally store everything you can.
  5. Remember your reuseable bags at the grocery store … and at the mall, the hardware store, the liquor store …
  6. Take shorter showers … and wash your clothes in cold water.
  7. Eat more local food … and maybe even plant a few veggies or herbs of your own.
  8. Donate used clothes, goods, tools, and appliances … and buy used of the same!
  9. Become a part of the sharing economy with craigslist, freesharing, carshare, airbnb, and so on … and borrow, don’t buy from the library, your neighbor, and your co-workers.
  10. Bring your reuseable plastic water bottle with you everywhere, or buy several and stash them in the car, office, and home … and same goes for your coffee mug!

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