Exactly How to Meditate for Happiness

Physical wellness, emotional intelligence, mental focus … get it all!

According to hundreds of scientific studies and millions of anecdotes, learning how to meditate benefits every major area of your life. But it’s hard to start! Enter Brain Acoustics, a company focused on helping you take action to shift your life to the next level by teaching you how to meditate.

For our multi-tasking minds, traditional meditation is very hard. But a new super easy, scientifically-engineered meditation music download helps you create all the benefits of traditional meditation in just 10 minutes a day. You can use the mp3 forever, or you can wean yourself of it after several months as you learn its practices. Think of the download as a guide cutting a path through a dense forest with machete—once you do that, it’s easy to traverse the path again and again without the machete.

The Science of Meditation

Every moment of every day, your brain is generating electrical impulses in predictable rhythms called “brain frequencies.” The 4 most common human brain frequencies are Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. Your thoughts, emotional balance, physical systems, hormone levels, moods, and happiness are all influenced by your brain frequency.

In our hectic culture, people live most of their waking lives in a high Beta brain frequency—associated with stress, anxiety, and dis-ease. When you listen to Brain Acoustics, the music acts like a high-tech tuning fork for your brain, changing your rhythms and helping you access Alpha, Theta, and Delta frequencies. Changing your brain frequencies changes the way you feel.

Brain Acoustics™ integrates time-tested mindfulness exercises with leading-edge brain frequency science. The download is basically high-tech training wheels for learning how to meditate for beginners. The ten-minute tape trains both your brain (physiology) and mind (psychology). It couples (new) technology approaches that use exterior stimulus to transform brain frequencies with (traditional) technique approaches that use interior mindfulness exercises to transform consciousness states.

Meditation Benefits:

  • confidence and motivation
  • production of essential brain chemicals proven to slow aging and enhance your energy levels
  • emotional stability and open-hearted compassion
  • synchronized your brain hemispheres enhances memory capacities and extends concentration
  • stress, anxiety, and depression evaporate
  • new neuro-pathways created in your brain lead to heightened creativity and advanced problem-solving capacities
  • Sleep more deeply and restfully, translating to more energy during the day

Like Going to the Gym for Your Brain!

If you lift the meditation “weights,” then your brain will become stronger—guaranteed. The Brain Acoustics meditation music download is just $97, but DailyHap readers can use code happiness at checkout for 10% off!

For more info on Brain Acoustics and to buy, click here.

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