Exactly What to Eat Today to Prep for a Big Day of Eating Tomorrow

It’s not ‘nothing’, though that’s an option

Holidays are centered around food, and we’re not here to tell you not to binge eat so much that you can do nothing but lay on a couch holding your belly after stuffing down several plates of, well, stuffing.

We would suggest that you get up and take a stroll within an hour of eating, to help with digestion etc etc, but you knew that.

As it’s the day before Thanksgiving, we’re going to talk about what you should eat TODAY, the day before a feast, to prep for said feast.

First, what you should drink: more water than you ever thought possible. More water than you drank on Hydration Friday. More water than … you get the point. Just drink a lot of water. One cup an hour for every hour you’re awake. At least. All this hydration helps prep your body for the impending overload, and also helps you get unbloated—perfect prep for tomorrow’s massive bloat.

Second, don’t not eat. Double negatives and all. Starving yourself before the feast isn’t going to “make room” for more food, and the calories saved won’t save you from your binge. Instead:

Third, eat tons on tons on tons of veggies. Eat salads at every meal, including breakfast. Who wrote the rules and said salad can’t be for breakfast anyway? Put a little lean protein and some fat in there, but focus on the veggies. Get a ton of them. This isn’t just because you won’t eat any tomorrow (you probably won’t), but because veggies are good for you, are good for digestion, are good for satiety. 

That’s it. Drink water, eat veggies, eat food. Seems like a reasonable prep plan, right?

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