Fit Travels: The Hotel Room Workout

You can turn any room into a gym!

Working out while traveling is tough—the what, where, and even why can be hard to control. But strength and conditioning specialist Bret Contreras says that just about any hotel room can be turned into a gym—and we wholeheartedly agree. If you’re traveling for business or vacation, or any combination, working out will give you more energy and help you enjoy your travels even more!

In his new book, Bodyweight Strength Training Anatomy (, Contreras, who maintains a blog at, demonstrates bodyweight and hotel furniture exercises. co-founder Lyssa Myska Allen was a step ahead when she produced (and starred in) the below video in 2010:

Don’t love this workout? There are plenty of other combos you can learn from Contreras’ new book or other sources. The most important thing to remember is this: “If you learn to use your body as a barbell, then you’ll always have the ability to obtain a great workout,” says Contreras.

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