Fitness: Dress the Part

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself

by Evelyn Flynn, who often writes about how to be happy

Protecting Your Body as You Exercise

Exercise is considered one of the most important things an individual can do to promote health and wellness. Government statistics on the matter explain that the average individual should have roughly an hour per day of moderate activity. But it’d be disadvantageous and paradoxical to go about an exercise in such a way that it’d hurt you in the long run. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your body is protected during exercise.

The Right Clothing and Equipment

It’s a commonly said that it isn’t the tools that makes the man. Because of this most people downplay the importance of wearing the right clothing for exercise. While it’s true that wearing a t-shirt that says “Cheetah” on it won’t make you run a world-record sprint, clothing plays a vital role in exercise safety. At the same time, we “dress for the job we want, not the one we have”, and we dress for swag
First, the environment needs to be taken into consideration. Is it a balmy summer day? Are you inside a temperature controlled room? Overheating is a serious issue with athletes. Wearing too many layers (or simply the wrong clothing) can exacerbate the problem. Wearing too little can cause hypothermia. Both hyper and hypothermia can cause nerve damage if left unchecked.
Furthermore, you have to look at the exercise you’re performing and decide if bodily harm can come about your wardrobe choice. It’s not the wisest thing to wear extremely baggy sweatpants on a bike ride. The cloth can get caught up and cause a crash. Similarly, wearing clothing that’s too tight can constrict blood flow, causing excess stress to be incurred on the cardiovascular system. Excess stress on the heart has been linked to higher instances of cardiac issues such as heart attack. Exercise itself may cause limited stress on the heart muscle, but not so much that it proves to be a detriment. Excessive stress caused by constriction, however, can. Not to mention that this constriction has been linked to compartment syndrome which may lead to a pulmonary embolism and, possibly, death. It’s simple to select the right clothing that will ensure safety. 
Choosing the right work out equipment is also essential if you are to achieve longevity from your training program. For some this might be choosing the right sort of bike or for those who prefer a home workout the right fitness DVD. For those people who are into lifting weights and gaining physical size through their diet and exercise regime, then having the right equipment here can be invaluable in achieving your goals and staying safe. Fat Gripz offer a range of alternative equipment for those looking for an intensive and challenging work out.

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