Five Under-60-Second Happiness Boosters

Seriously, these take no time at all

You’ve got a minute, haven’t you? You can boost your happiness in under 60 seconds with these quick-and-easy tricks. No, they aren’t the secrets to life or happiness, but yes, they will absolutely momentarily pump you up. So give one—or all five—a shot next time you need a boost!

:10 Jump up and down. Bonus points for legs and arms flailing everywhere.

:15 Stand on one leg, rub your belly with one hand in one direction and head with the other, in the other direction. Coordination: boom.

:25 Send a thank you email or text.

:30 Get upside down. Handstand, tripod, forward fold, anything to get the blood rushing to your head and change your perspective.

:45 Drink a green drink. Or add flavor to your water with lemon, lime, or apple cider vinegar. Bottoms up!

Image: Some rights reserved by dospaz

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