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This is what it’s like to be the kid of two psychotherapists:

Today was a bad day. Not terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day, but a slightly bad day.

Nothing was that bad. But things made me grouchy, so I get to consider them bad, even if they’re “just” First World Problems.

Then we try to look on the bright side. But it’s okay if they’re just annoyances I eventually get over, too.

Bad: Good:
Phone’s off button doesn’t work; Apple won’t fix bc it’s out of warranty Decrease reliance on phone as camera (lazy)
A favorite co-worker is leaving I get her office. A better one could come along. I still have a friend.
Aspen flight sold out too fast I get to do more fun stuff in OC and save $$
Felt like outfit was ugly Got lots of compliments
Foot hurts Psychological work to be done to heal
Painful zit on forehead Damn that sucks. 

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