Freshen Up Your Fall Look

Beauty updates for colder weather

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Summer is slowly coming to an end, and as the weather changes, so does your more care-free look. It’s time to tweak your skin and hair regimens and looks to get ready for the fall season—this includes the fellas!

Fall 2012 Hair

Our beachy summer waves were good to us, but now it’s time to bring out the sleek pony tails and top knot buns. Pin straight hair looks great too! Women tend to go a few shades darker in the fall; if you aren’t the type to want to change your color, go for a new haircut. Adding layers, bangs, and other face framing styles can definitely add a much softer look and at the same time give you a boost of volume. Remember, healthy hair is always in so be sure to bump up your deep conditioning regimen.

Fellas, get a trim or try a completely new ‘do. Fall calls for a more refined haircut than the roll-out-of-bed style that works so well during the summer.

Pictured: Redken Creative Consultant Guido creating a style for Alexander Wang’s Fall/Winter 2012 show: a simple downtown look bordering on tomboyish. Inspired by kind of girl everyone wants to be—like Guido styling Gisele Bündchen.

It’s a very simple look, an easy down style with a center part and hair tucked behind the ears. It’s a very wearable hairstyle as well- straightforward and effortless.” –Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Fall 2012 Makeup

Since the weather isn’t so hot and sticky anymore you can start bringing out your favorite makeup items from the back of your drawer. Full brows are really in for fall since they frame the face so lovely and add structure to your entire look. If you weren’t blessed with much action in the eyebrow department, try adding an eyeshadow or brow pencil in the same shade as your hair color to just fill in your brows lightly. Remember to follow the natural shape of your brow and keep it minimal.

For the eyes, play with your eyeliner and experiment with neutral hues like browns and dark greens to add some color without being too dramatic for the day time. Now is the perfect time to bring out your favorite reds and richer lip colors. For day time, even adding your infamous “your lips but better” color will make all the difference in pulling everything together! So bring out all of your nudes and taupe colors too.

For men and women, you may need to switch your moisturizer to something a little thicker. With colder weather comes drier air, so baby your face!

Fall 2012 Fragrance

Its time to trade in those tropical and fruity/coconut scents for some warm and comforting fragrances. Some of us have our signature year round scents that we tend to stick to, but you can always add some scented lotions or mists to give you an extra seasonal kick. Warm and spicy scents tend to really be in for fall, since they really mesh well with the colorful leaves. When shopping for fragrances look for key notes like Amber, Ginger Orchid, and Sandalwood. If they tend to be a bit too strong or masculine for you, try a soothing scent with warm vanilla to make it a bit softer.

Fall 2012 Nails

One of the easiest ways to get into the fall spirit! Pastels and mints are so last season. Ditch them for some rich and vibrant dark tones. Chocolates, Burgundy, Red, Black, Navy, and even some mauvey grey tones. If you aren’t much of a “color” type of person, nudes look great in all seasons. Since the holidays are coming soon, be sure to stock up on your glitter top coats to add the perfect amount of glisten to your fingertips!

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