Get a Full Body Workout in Fifteen Minutes or Less

Getting Fit Is Easier Than Ever

The combination of new science, mobile apps, and social trends like CrossFit has made getting fit easier—and quicker—than ever. (Granted, we didn’t necessarily need to practice getting fit in the past since humans are more sedentary today than ever in history, nor did we attempt ultramarathons on vegan diets). 

Many of the most cutting edge routines do not even require equipment, making them easy to do anytime, anywhere. Check out the following two options:

7 Minute Scientific Workout

The seven minute scientific workout includes the following 12 exercises, done for thirty seconds each with a 10 second rest period in between each one. The website will guide you for free, or download an app for $1.99.

The exercises:

  1. Jumping jacks

  2. Wall Sit

  3. Pushups

  4. Abdominal Crunch

  5. Step Up onto a chair

  6. Squat

  7. Triceps dip on a chair

  8. Plank

  9. High Knees Running in Place

  10. Lunge

  11. Push-Up with Rotation

  12. Side Plank (each side)

100 Push Up Workout

Work out three times a week for six weeks and according to this program you will be able to do 100 consecutive pushups. Combine pull-ups, air-squats, and crunches during the forty five second rest periods for a full body workout in less than fifteen minutes.

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