Get Over the Happy Holiday

How to conquer the post-holiday let-down

by Cindy Myska, co-founder, therapist, and mother of two

Christmas dinner is eaten, our gifts opened, our games are played. What do you do now? You’ve been so intensely getting ready for the holidays and boom! all the sudden, it’s over.

Some people are able to rejoice in this, relaxing and smiling at a job well done.

But for the rest of us, it’s hard sometimes to let it be that it’s all over. When no one is around, we say to ourselves “What do I need to do while they’re gone?” I answer myself, cook dinner, get my workout in, I could … sit down and read. Look at a magazine. Enjoy my house being clean, and decorated, and just sit on the couch.

Instead of thinking, what else do I need to be doing?, just let it be. Sit. Enjoy the completion of a monumental getting-it-done frenzy. So often we forget to enjoy the labor and the fruits of that labor: the completion.

So when the holidays are over and you’re wondering what you need to do, this is it: just sit.

Image: Some rights reserved by ali edwards

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