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How knowing your physiology and anatomy will help you train and get happier is releasing a six-week training course in physiology and anatomy, and we think you should do it. The human body is a complex collection of muscle, bone, and tissue. It is intricate, beautiful, and full of potential. And the body never lies, so it’s important to get to know how it works and what it’s saying. Your body is yours to create.

Over the course of six videos called Built by Science, Coach Mike Robertson, CSCS teaches muscular anatomy and skeletal anatomy, as well as the major functions of six major muscle groups. By learning the structure of your skeleton, the makeup of your muscle, and the mechanics of movement, you can build your best possible body—even if you’re not interested in bodybuilding. Knowing how your body works is critical to your happiness within your own body every day.

The videos are broken down into arms, legs, abs, shoulders, chest, and back. Everything is free, and you can sign up for weekly support emails. Find the vids and more at

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