Gratitude is a Hidden Secret to Acvhieving Your Best Body

5 Minutes a Day Works Wonders

by Shaun Hadsall, Body Transformation Expert and Fat Loss Coach; reposted from

There is a simple five-minute ritual you can use every morning that scientists say could be the equivalent to the ultimate magic pill for ‘happiness’. 

A 2008 study on subjects using this particular method found  they were influencing their hypothalamus, which can have a 
positive impact on sleep, cravings, appetite, and even stress (1). 

This ritual has also been scientifically proven to make your  brain release more of the neurotransmitter – dopamine. 

When your brain releases this chemical it’s the equivalent to taking an “all-natural” drug that stimulates the pleasure center of your brain. 

It’s also responsible for the creation of new learning pathways. 

And all you have to do to get every single one of these positive benefits is take a few minutes every day to be grateful. 

That’s right. 

GRATITUDE is the closest thing to a ‘magic pill’ you can take. 

A 2003 study found that keeping a daily gratitude journal lead to an increased sense of well-being, better sleep, more willingness to accept change, and even helped lower symptoms of pain (2). 

And there’s no doubt this can help you be more disciplined with your nutrition and exercise, while making every day in your life better. 

Here’s how… 

There’s a small part of your brain called the Reticular Activation System (RAS) that determines the lenses through which you look at the world. 

For example, have you ever noticed when you buy a new car and, all-of-a-sudden, you start noticing that same make and model everywhere you go? 

– Or if you’re pregnant, you’ll notice pregnant women everywhere. 

– If you’re on a diet, you’ll pay more attention to what other 
people eat. 

– If somebody’s wearing the same shoes you just bought, you’ll 
immediately notice…etc. etc. 

Your RAS can be a very powerful resource if you just take a few minutes daily to direct and guide it properly. 

And when you write down what you’re grateful for, you’re influencing and programming your mind to be focused on activities that will make your day better. 

You’re building new pathways in your brain that are directed towards positive actions and outcomes, so it automatically 
increases your happiness, well-being, and productivity. 

So if you wake up in the morning, while you’re having your coffee (or tea), and you write down: 

“I am grateful for…” 

“What would make today great?”… 

You’re making your RAS go to work for you. 

This will automatically program your brain to focus on the precise things that will help you achieve your dreams, goals, 
and desires. 

Another great trick is to simply write down two or three great things that happened in your day before going to bed. 

This will program your subconscious to be more grateful. 

If you’re grateful, you get all the bonus side effects listed above, plus you’re more likely to stick to your fitness plan because your RAS associates exercise and eating right with positive outcomes. 

As you can clearly see the science speaks for itself. 

The simple act of taking 5 minutes per day to be grateful is another “hidden” secret to achieving your best body and life. 


(1) The Neural Basis of Human Social Values: Evidence from Functional MRI, 
Zahn et al (2008) 

(2) Counting Blessings Versus Burdens: An Experimental Investigation of 
Gratitude and Subjective Well-Being in Daily Life, Emons and McCullough (2003) 

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