Happiness by Surprise

Happiness can come as a surprise when you least expect it

by Donna Ratliff, longtime follower of DailyHap. Her doggies, Harley and Davidson, are pictured.

Happiness is cuddling with your doggies and suddenly realizing you can read their thoughts and expressions.

“I love and adore you” is totally the best one.

“You smell pretty good to me – did you just eat some scrambled eggs? I like scrambled eggs. Can I have some?”

“Can you hold still so I can lick your face?”

“Rub my tummy – please.”

“Let’s play! Put your butt in the air and wiggle your tail. And, then say GO!”

“Let me lean against you because I know you are very sad.”

“I will ALWAYS be your friend and confidant”

Sometimes the comments aren’t so complimentary. Have you ever gotten that doggie expression that says –

“It’s about time you got your butt out of bed – I gotta go pee!”

“ Do you really have to say a prayer before dinner? Yada, yada, yada – when are you going to get to the AMEN part so I can eat?”

“You make it VERY hard to protect you when you let people into the house!!”

“I can only attack one ankle at a time!”

“What do you mean SIT? We are under attack!”

Happiness is being willing to listen and communicate, especially with our best friends.


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