Happiness Is Only a Mixtape Away

Different songs you chose to put together make you happy

From the Huffington Post article “The Happiness Habits of Exuberant Human Beings”:

Music is powerful. So powerful, in fact, that it could match up to the anxiety-reducing effects of massage therapy. Over a three month period, researchers from the Group Health Research Institute found that patients who simply listened to music had the same decreased anxiety symptoms as those who got 10 hour-long massages. Choosing the right tunes could be an important factor, however, as a happy or sad song can also affect the way we perceive the world. In one experiment where researchers asked subjects to identify happy or sad faces while listening to music, the participants were more likely to see the faces that matched the “mood” of the music. Click here for a few of our favorite mood-boosting jams.

We’d take it a step further and draw the analogy that mixtape songs are songs of your life: you choose the soundtrack. A mixtape (or CD, or fave spotify playlist) is a group of songs you put together to guide you for any given moment. It has to do with trusting yourself, changing your mood, and living in the moment.

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