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A few statistics from around the world on happiness

While ther verdict is out about the effect of the scientification of happiness, we can’t help but be curious about the stats resulting from all this happiness research. Here’s a list of even more happiness stats!

In the US:

  • 67% of youngsters or Millenials (age 15 to 25) expect 2012 to become a better year than the previous one.
  • 45% of Millenials think they have a better life than their parents.
  • 33% of Millenials youngsters are willing to work equally hard as their parents,
  • but 27% do not want to.
  • 50%+ want to be self-employed,
  • but 10% want to stay with their current employer for life
  • 28% of youngsters are dissatisfied with spending power: they want to spend more money on media, technology, hobbies, going out and car, less on culture and sports
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  • 77% of citizens in 24 countries generally say they are ‘happy’ in their lives
  • 26% of people who are ‘very happy’ are married, whereas
  • 18% of people who are not married are ‘very happy’
  • 25% of those who are under the age of 35 say they are ‘very happy’; 20% of people age 35-49; and 19% of people aged 50-64.
  • Latin America has the greatest proportion of people saying they are ‘very happy’, with 32%
  • North America’s 27% is followed by Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and Africa tied at 24%.
  • Only 15% of Europeans say they are ‘very happy’.
  • Indonesia scores the happiest out of the 24 countries surveyed with just over half (51%) of citizens reporting they are ‘very happy’ followed by India and Mexico at 43% each Brazil and Turkey tied at 30% each and Australia and the United States each at 28%. On the other end, Hungary (6%), South Korea (7%) and Russia (8%) have the lowest number of ‘very happy’ people, followed by Spain (11%) and Italy (13%).

Findings from InSites Consulting and Ipsos Global @dvisor.

Image: Some rights reserved by thephotographymuse

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