Have It All By Letting Go

Fighting My Excessive Nature

by Lyssa Myska Allen, who is constantly figuring out how to be happy

I’m excessive. I socialize to excess, drinking to excess. I exercise to excess. I take on projects to excess.

Those are good things. Socializing, exercising, working. But the excess is unhealthy. Why do I drink more than I should, just because I’m in the moment, having a great time with friends? Why do I think I haven’t done enough if I haven’t worked out twice a day? A workout and a yoga, or a workout and a hike, or a yoga and a run … that’s excessive. Why do I think I need to run a mini-empire when I could focus on a few wonderful projects?

It’s the pressure I put on myself to be the best, do the most, and have it all. I honestly want all the things I am doing. But I can’t continue to be this excessive.

How can I fight my excessive nature?

Take the pressure off myself. Take the pressure off to be out and about with friends, making friends, keeping up with friends drinking.

Take the pressure off to be the best lifter, yogi, hiker, and skier.

Take the pressure off to be super successful as evidenced by more and more projects.

Take the pressure off and the excess might fade, leaving just the good behind. Then I’ll still have it all.

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