How to Use DailyHap 

You can use the website however the heck you want. But since you asked… (click here for FAQs)

1. Check out the Hap. A Hap is a daily task that will lead you one step closer to happiness.

2. Do it [if you want to record it, you will have to skip to step 4].

3. Want to know why you should do it? Read the featured article associated with it. But you don’t have to.

3.5 Didn’t like the Hap or featured article today? Try a different category by clicking on one of the four tabs on the top and repeat with a new article.

4. Register for an account. Confirm via email.

5. Submit the day’s Hap.

  • 1 point: Honor Verification. You can just check a box that says you did it.
  • 2 points: Written Verification. You can write an account of what you did, what happened when you did, how someone laughed at you, a secret code word, whatever you want to write to record your action.
  • 3 points: Photo Verification. You upload or link to a photo that shows you doing the Hap. Or reminds you of the Hap.
  • 4 points: Video Verification. You upload or link to a video that show you doing or talking about the Hap. Or it’s a funny video vaguely related to the Hap. Or it has some secret meaning to you. You get the idea. It’s all for you.

6. Your Hap total score will increase. Your Hap score will also increase in that category. (Categories are Body, Psych, Style, Belief)

7. Start clicking around to related articles or tasks. You can do an unlimited number of tasks a day, so go nuts if you really want to.

7. Add our RSS feeds or sign up to receive the Daily Hap in your email.



Q:  Do I have to sign up with a Username to be able to use and enjoy the site?
A:  You can browse all of the DailyHap-posted content without a username. But in order to Submit a Hap or browse other users’ Hap submissions, you do need a Username. Click here to sign up for a Username, or click here for our Privacy Policy (TL;DR: we won’t steal your info, details, or spam you.)
Q:  Will this really work – will I be happier if I follow the steps?
A:  We think so! Of course, part of the underlying idea here is that you’re taking happiness into your own hands by actively pursuing it every single day, so that’s mostly up to you. But we do think that focusing on happiness and taking small steps to achieve it in different areas of your life will indeed make you happier.
Q:  Is it a competition? Am I supposed to compete with the other people and try to beat their score?
A:  Does thinking of it as a competition help motivate you to do Haps? Then yes. Otherwise, the scores are intended to help motivate you by both tracking your progress and showing you what’s possible (yes, vis-a-vis the scores of other users as well).
Q:  What if I have a suggestion for a Hap?
A:  Send it to us! Shoot an email to
Q:  What if I want to write something for Dailyhap?
A:  We do welcome guest contributions to DailyHap. Please click here to head to the Contributors page.
Q:  Why the heck can’t I get your Haps emailed to me every day? I need reminders!
A:  Patience, grasshopper. We’re working on a full-time solution integrated with the site. In the meantime, you can sign up to receive the Daily Hap in your email and we will happily email you reminders every once in a awhile, because we’re not daily anymore.