Hold Fast, Believe In Yourself, It Gets Better

A must-read article from HeartSupport.com

Lyssa introduces Ben Sledge, director of HeartSupport.com:

We met when I started a new job—he immediately welcomed me into the tight-knit group like a friend he’d known for years. I knew he’d been through hard things in his life, but I assumed Sledge always been this way—self-assured, outgoing, infinitely loving. When I read his wonderful article Hold Fast … We Believe In You, to say I was surprised is an understatement. Please click over and read it. It’s honest, open, and important. An excerpt:

I hated high school. And even though I found some really fantastic friends that liked me for me, I was tired of being a nobody. I didn’t want to be picked on or hurt the way I did. So I dug a grave in my heart and buried the scared little boy in a shallow coffin and dove head first into what I thought would make people respect, like, and fear me.

I began lifting weights to get bigger.

I started competing in martial arts tournaments that were bare-fisted full contact and winning.

When I lost a wrestling match to my roommate in college I took Brazilian ju-jitsu.

I joined the military and went to war.

Always running from the little boy banging on the lid of the shallow coffin in my heart.”

For the full article Hold Fast … We Believe In You, click here.

About HeartSupport.com: Heart Support is a non-profit organization built on a foundation of faith; one that desires to strengthen the youth and adults of today. An online community built to encourage, inspire and bring a message of hope. A place for anyone to talk about struggles and difficult issues and to find healing and strength in this community.

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