How to Be Fabulous

Fabulous boils down to one thing and one thing only…

by a 21-year-old know-it-all who wishes to remain anonymous

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever written, but I must, because fabulousity is completely lacking in a time and age when we need it more than ever. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, young starlets of Hollywood know nothing of Fabulous. They prance about in designer clothes, with designer bags, and are as far from Fabulous as Paris, Texas from Paris, France. 

Fabulous boils down to one thing and one thing only. I will beat this dead horse until you never want to hear this word again, but Fabulous is synonymous with Confident. That’s it. Confidence is Fabulous. Fabulous is Confident.

My article ends here, right? Just be confident. Not so fast! Sure, if you’re confident and happy with yourself, stop reading, because I am sure you are already Fabulous. Fabulous is an attitude, and if you can sashay with confidence down the grimiest sidewalk in your rattiest sweats, you are Fabulous.

If you aren’t so Confident, read on, we will get you there. Breathe a sigh of relief that Fabulous has nothing to do with money, status, job, men, women, or anything in between. Sure, people with some of those get a boost, but it’s an ego boost borne of constant praise to their Confidence, not a ticket to Fabulousness.

Fabulous is smiling at people genuinely. Fabulous is standing and sitting up straight, chest high, shoulders back. Fabulous is positive talk in front of the mirror. Fabulous is staring in the mirror at your assets and giddily relishing them, dancing about in your underwear in your bathroom, by yourself. Fabulous is being happy by yourself. Fabulous is being happy around others. Fabulous is being quiet when you are sad. Fabulous is being strong when you are weak. Fabulous is being weak when you are weak. Fabulous is what feels right.

Picture Fabulous in your head. Does a woman stand in front of your eyes, her head cocked back, her hair blowing in the wind, the same wind that blows open her trench coat to reveal a fabulous outfit underneath with the best shoes?  Do you notice her clothes or her posture first? 

Yep, Fabulous is all the posture. And the posture comes from the Confidence that the photographer and stylist and agent have instilled in the Fabulous model. Later, she might not be so Fabulous. She might slouch because she’s six feet tall in a world of 5’4″ women. Anyone can be Fabulous any time. And you don’t have to be Fabulous all the time. You just can’t complain about not being Fabulous if you haven’t tried!

I feel fat a lot of the time. Don’t object, it’s true for me. But I feel fabulous a lot of the time too. Sometimes I can even be Fabulous when I feel fat, because it’s just a mental game: to be Fabulous I have to tell myself over and over again that I look great, thus building my confidence and making me look Fabulous!

Trench coats are Fabulous. They just are. 

Know why? Because there’s a secret inside them. They cover you up, and only when you’re ready do you unbutton them, sexily, quickly, fumbly, however you manage to unbutton them, only then do they reveal the secret: you. That the world is waiting to see what the Trench reveals give you Confidence. That Confidence then makes you Fabulous, which is why it appears trench coats are Fabulous. They are in fact the vessels of fabulousness, not the Fabulousness itself. You are the Fabulousness.

Feeling Fabulous yet? No? Think I am full of bunk? Try Fabulous on for size. Go to your mirror, look at yourself. Stand up straight. Smile. A genuine smile, even if you are grumpy and feel frumpy. Now think Fabulous. Think Confident.  Think Fabulous. They are the same. Try some different poses. One foot forward. Hand on a hip. A hand on each hip.  Shoulders back, chest up, the whole time. Fabulous.

Women, if your mental praise is weak, put on high heels. These are more vessels of Fabulousness because they force you to have good posture or look like an idiot. They practically force a Confident sashay.

That’s it. Fabulous is Confidence. Confidence is Fabulous. Do it. Be Fabulous. 

Image: Some rights reserved by Alaskan Dude

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