How to Discern Between Intuition and Wishful Thinking

A chart to decode your own brain

by Jayne Clark, who works intuitively with clients to help them resolve issues regarding relationships, loss, grief, health, and career path. To learn more, head to For her series on developing your intuition, click here.

intuition chart

When our primary mode of receiving information comes from our physical world and what we make up about it, then intuition becomes a tool for crisis management. It is the same thing as the person who cries out to God when their world is falling apart and they go in to bargaining mode, “I won’t ever do it again, God pleeeeeease don’t let this happen!”

When we begin to seek information from a much deeper place within our consciousness, then intuition becomes like a board of advisors. And this board of advisors conspires with us to make the very best decisions and have the courage to take action. This advisory board also provides us with insight and understanding about every facet of our lives.

Essentially what we are talking about here is choice. Do we want to live our lives from a place of fear and “I know everything, don’t tell me what to do”? Or, do we want to live our lives from a place of love and “I don’t know anything, please show me the way”?

We will certainly have a different experience with our intuitive mind depending on what we choose. Discerning between our intuition and wishful thinking comes down to what state of being we are in. If we are in a state resistance and arrogance, intuition will be cloudy at best. When we are in a calm state, intuition becomes much clearer to us and our understanding will be objective.

Let me sum it up this way:

Before you ask for guidance or intuitive insight, put yourself in a state of surrender. That means give up your agendas, attachment to outcomes and the need to figure everything out. Then think of someone who is an absolute pain in your butt. Pray for them. Ask that they receive everything you want to receive for yourself. Bless them with all of your heart. Send them tremendous love. See them whole, joyous and free. And then … only then … seek the counsel of your board of advisors whose only desire for you is to become fully enlightened to the highest truth of your being.

When you have truly prepared yourself to receive, you will receive. And what you receive can be trusted. I promise you, in that state, you will experience for yourself the difference between your intuition / inner guidance and your own wishful thinking.

And one last thing …

You are intuitive. Everybody is intuitive. Some people practice. Some people don’t practice.

The people that practice reap the rewards that come from the effort and energy put in to their development. The people that don’t practice don’t receive the rewards. It’s not personal. It’s just spiritual law. Spiritual law applies to everyone. Everyone means everyone. And you are part of the everyone!


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