How to Feel Great After a Breakup

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Bella has been a beauty blogger since her university days, she now is editor at, a site dedicated to advice and information about surgical and non-surgical treatments. So if you’ve been thinking about having a bit of Botox, or even as far as a having tummy tuck surgery, Bella has your answers.

Have you just been through a breakup? If so, you’re probably feeling miserable right now. Splitting from a loved one is never pleasant, but it’s important to look to the future and carry on.

Here’s how to lift your spirits and get back on the dating scene:

Head to a beauty salon

Crying into your pillow for months on end won’t change anything—so get up, get dressed, and head to the salon for a much-needed beauty procedure. There are many treatments available, but microdermabrasion or a facial peel will improve a tired-looking complexion. Both offer a deep form of exfoliation and will leave you with soft, smooth skin in a matter of minutes. They can also cure acne, spots, wrinkles, pigmentation, and other skin problems and will promote the growth of new skin cells. 

Enjoy a trip to the spa

Feeling down in the dumps? Then head to a beauty spa for a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. Ask a friend or relative to go with you and make the most of all the facilities on offer. Spend the day chatting in the pool, jump in the Jacuzzi, or unwind in the steam room—before enjoying a massage from a qualified masseuse. Let your worries and cares drift away before grabbing a spot of lunch and taking an afternoon snooze. Perfect. 

Hit the shops

If you’re a shopaholic, head to your favorite store and buy a new outfit. Find something that you feel confident wearing and buy the shoes and accessories to match. This might leave a dent in your bank balance, but it’s worth spending a little money if it lifts your mood. Got a hot date? Then look for something sassy, yet classy, and get excited about meeting someone new. This may be difficult, but it will help you move on.

Invite the girls round

Being single will give you plenty of time to see your friends, so use this to your advantage. Invite your best buddies round for the night and enjoy an evening of fine wine, good food, and easy conversation. You could even learn how to make a homemade face mask, stock up on nail polish, and whip out some makeup to throw a pamper party for the girls! This will take your mind off the past and will give you something to look forward to.

Breakups are never pleasant, but it’s essential to get on with your life. 

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