How to Get Maximum Enjoyment Out of Your Next Vacation

It’s no secret vacations make us happier, so how can you maximize your time?

Travel is critical to our happiness: expanding our minds, clearing our heads, and priming us for new experiences. But vacations have upsides and downsides. recently surveyed 1,132 Americans on their favorite and least favorite moments of travel. The answers might surprise you!

The favorite moments usually had to do with the main event—the beach, the slopes, or the first time being at the destination. But of the five most relaxing vacation moments, two weren’t even on vacation! 83% of responders listed “Sleeping in your own bed (upon return)” and 79% listed “Looking back at photos from your trip.”

The benefits of vacation extend on! And there’s no place like home.

Scroll through this infographic for more vacation and travel trends.

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