How to Make It Through a Season of Wait

Uncommon Grace will lead you there

Have you ever heard of a Season of Wait? I hadn’t, but when I came across the phrase it immediately struck a chord.

“Have you ever found yourself in a season of wait? Where you cannot plow forward on your own but have to wait on God to coordinate, orchestrate and somehow make a way?” It’s from a blog called Grace Uncommon, which is a wonderful name. As yesterday’s article pointed out, I think it’s important to note that God doesn’t have to mean God—it can me spirit, grace, the Universe, the Self, any number of things. The point is that you are waiting on you.

“And one of the most beautiful things I have learned about wait is it’s [sic] marriage to hope. Because in order to wait we must believe there is something to wait for, and hope is a revolutionary patience. 

Today I am practicing what I know to be true and yet must remind myself over and over again. The art of waiting – not moving and striving and proving – and being patient on God, knowing He is already going before me and making a way.”

These days, we all GO. We go-go-go from activity to activity, from job to job, from ambition to ambition. We’re planners and doers and go-getters, and that’s great—but sometimes we also need to relax. To take a step back or chill. And that’s what a Season of Wait seems like for me. It’s a time to breathe, to grow, to be still and calm, and wait on life.

Far from being complacent, a Season of Wait is an incredibly active place to be. Author Tammy Strait lists three things you need to do during the Season of Wait:

  1. Pray out loud
  2. Keep Going
  3. Be Expectant

Can you make it through your next Season of Wait?

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