How to Play the What If Game

Playing and experimenting without consequence

“When we experiment with beauty treatments and foods and whatnot at home, we’re playing the What If game, only it’s easier than playing it on your brain. You go, “What if I don’t use shampoo for the next month?” And then you learn and it’s not a big deal and you either end up with gorgeous bouncy hair or string cheese growing out of your scalp.

Either way, you learn and then you go on with life and everything’s fine.” – Crunchy Betty, natural beauty blogger/guru 

The game we want to play is to figure out how to have that freedom with our brains … how to let go of the notion that what we’re thinking or doing is the end-all, be-all of our lives. To experiment with important things as easily as we do with unimportant things. 

Click on over for Crunchy Betty’s full instructions—and hilarious take on her game of What If.

Image: Some rights reserved by striatic

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