How to Structure the Perfect Workday

10 Steps to Getting It All Done at Work

From Quartz’s Rachel Feltman, some evidence-based guidelines you can follow to set up the best possible workday schedule for yourself. For the full article click here.

1. Wake up after 7-9 hours of sleep, at the same time every day. Hold off on the coffee.

2. Before leaving for work, send out emails that recipients might need some time to respond to.

3. Get creative on your commute—by zoning out to have a good think.

4. Settle down and drink. Coffee time! Peak coffee time is between 9:30 and 11:30am.

5. From 9am until lunchtime, get your toughest work done.

6. Take a real lunch break.

7. Around 2pm, take an afternoon coffee and email interlude.

8. Brush your teeth at 2:30pm.

9. As your attention wanes, think deep thoughts. They say creativity peaks when you want to nap.

10. Hit an evening workout. Your muscle strength and lung capacity are in a great place around 5pm.

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