How to Use Your Sickness to Make You Happy

Cold, Flu, or Allergies? Use ‘Em!

In the midst of one of the worst flu seasons in recent memory, you may laugh at the headline. But it’s true: you’re down, you’re out, you already feel terrible—why not see what good can come of your sickness?

Many people believe that sickness is psychosomatic—that is, your body gets sick when your brain refuses to acknowledge that you are wrestling with something. This could be buried way deep down inside, in your unconscious, and could bear little resemblance to the illness you’re facing. Or it could be as clear as your sore throat indicating that you are afraid to say something that needs to be said.

Viruses, bacteria, and germs certainly do exist, and certainly do cause illness. Take cold medicine while you examine your inner workings. But while you’re laid up in bed or on the couch, why not take a few minutes to examine what’s going on in your life? Is there a major issue you’re wrestling with that you’re afraid to bring to light or discuss? Is there something you’re scared of but haven’t acknowledged? Is there anything you’re not saying?

Being sick is the perfect time for this introspection: you’re largely left alone, with nothing to do but sleep, watch old movies, and drink tea or eat soup. When else do you get this much alone time, free from the demands of every day life? Use it!

It can also be hard to be sick and not feel guilty—like you aren’t getting anything DONE, like you’re slacking from work or family obligations. Let go of that! Your body is telling you it needs a break, so the sooner you listen to that, the sooner you’ll get back to your obligations (This may be the hardest part).

While not a miracle cure, this kind of introspection can make you happy once you emerge from your sickness, not only well but healthier in mind and body!

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