It’s As Easy As Pressing the Reset Button

According to Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

He may not have won the Super Bowl, but we’re impressed with Seattle Seahwaks QB Russell Wilson’s resilience nonetheless. Without completing a pass in the first quarter, he still led his team’s comeback and near-victory (that play call!). How does he do it? Check out what he has to say in The Players’ Tribune about a bad game, bad half, bad play:

I’d turn back toward the huddle, close my eyes and think of a table in an empty room. On that table was a big red RESET button, just like in the movies. I’d imagine pressing the button. Boom. On to the next one. What’s the situation now? How can I make a play?

You can put this into play in any aspect of your life.

Click here for the full article—it’s a good read, and goes into team dynamics and believing in each other too.

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