Jessica Alba Launches Non-Toxic Baby Line The Honor Company

Employs subscription model with leading startup co-founder

Today marks the launch of Jessica Alba and Brian Lee’s The Honest Company. The mom-of-two Dark Angel/Sin City/hot bodied actress and dad-of-almost-three Silicon Valley celeb+startup wunderkind (previous involvement is with Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle and Robert Shapiro’s LegalZoom) are bootsrapping the subscription-model baby product site. 

The Honest Company designs, manufactures, and distributes non-toxic, chemical-free baby products including diapers, sunscreen, detergents, and more. Everything but the diapers is manufactured in the US, and even the latter are made in Mexico by a US company. Author Christopher Gavigan of “Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home,” oversees the formulas.

Alba has been vocal in the press fighting against chemicals in baby products, including bedding and cribs. So it makes sense that she’d find a leader in the startup world to partner on stylish, safe baby products. It’s an interesting choice to go with a subscription model, but it certainly is convenient for families going through tons of diapers a month.

I’m not a new mom, but I’m fascinated by this convergence of celebrity, beauty, and technology. For more on the technical side, check out PandoDaily’s coverage of the launch. I worry about chemicals in my own beauty products, and have used the California Baby line on myself (I recommend the lotion). The more awareness we can raise about chemicals in all products and how we can avoid them, the better!

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