Lessons from the Oscars: Act Natural, Fall with Grace

Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston at the Academy Awards 2013

Her fall is now nearly as famous as she is, but Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence recovered gracefully—and was even funny about her fall in her post-event interview! We love her comfortable-in-her-own-skin style and think it’s worth emulating. Here’s video evidence of how being confident, funny, and graceful can make you happy like Jennifer Lawrence.

The other Jennifer, Aniston, also set a shining example for happiness during the 2013 Oscars with bouncy, touchable hair. Says Chris McMillan, Living Proof—the hair line Aniston co-owns—Celebrity Hairstylist “The key word is natural. She’ll be one of the only people there who is able to actually touch her hair. Jen’s Valentino gown was such a daring fashion choice, so we wanted her hair to make her feel comfortable.”

Image courtesy of LivingProof.com

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